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May 23, 2020     GOD and FAMILY

Our world and our families have been experiencing a historic challenge in the face of the Corona Virus Pandemic.  So much has changed in our lives as individuals and as families.  We are concerned not only about our own health and that of our family, but also about the restrictions on normal activities and the economic repercussions of the crisis.  It is understandable that people are worried and anxious.
I learned very early in life that you can always depend on God and family.  I know at times I may not hear God’s guidance, but I have always found that God is never at fault for that.  He is always there.  He is always willing to help me and He is always loving me.  It is me who sometimes allows myself to be distracted from my relationship with God.  It always seems to be something I have done that prevents me from hearing God speak to me or seeing His presence in my life.  After I figure that out, then I simply need to remove that obstacle and reopen or deepen my connection with God.  Sometimes all I need to do is ask His help, spend some time in prayer, and get some advice from a good spiritual resource such as, or a Confessor, or a read a good spiritual book.
How is your connection with God?  Does it need a little work on your part?  Let me suggest some private Prayer.  It can be done at home, or walking in the beautiful outdoors, or maybe drive over to church for a visit with Jesus.  Church is open every week day from 9AM until 8:30PM.  You are always welcome to spend time with Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.
One of the greatest gifts God has given us in this life is our family.  During these days of stay at home requirements, I hope you have noticed what a special family God has given you.  I trust you are spending quality time bonding in God’s  love, sharing your life and thoughts with your family members,  and learning more about each of them.  Your family is a treasure which God  has shared with you so that you can be happy and feel supported in Life.   In this time of Corona Virus, we can easily let ourselves get so anxious and overwhelmed with stress  that we forget God the Holy Spirit is with us to help us live the message of Jesus.  We  are not alone.  Jesus, who is with us, tells us God the Father loves us and is with us.   We are not alone.
In this Sunday’s first reading when the apostles were under their stay at home requirement waiting for the Spirit, they spend their time in prayer.  A good example for us.
The second reading reminds us that as we suffer during this pandemic  we share in the suffering of Jesus. That suffering will bring us glory.  Our Gospel reminds us that Jesus was thinking about us as he prepared for the Cross and Resurrection.  He was praying for you and me to be happy, successful and rewarded.  Just think about the fact that Jesus is praying for us.  What greater comfort could we have during this trial of the Corona Virus than to know that Jesus is with us and praying for us.
Monsignor Powell

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