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Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

This year as we walk through the ministry of Jesus, with Saint Luke as our main guide.  Luke is the author of both the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles.  At the beginning of both books he speaks to “Theophilus”.  Theophilus could have been a particular man.  However, the word Theophilus means “lover of God.”  In a sense, St. Luke wrote his works for you and me who are indeed “Lovers of God.”

Immediately after being Baptized by John, Jesus leaves the Jordan River for  the Judean wilderness.  Luke tells us that Jesus leaves the river “filled with the Holy Spirit.”  When Jesus emerges from His ordeal against the devil, “Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit.”

The next scene is Jesus unrolling the scroll of Isaiah in His home synagogue at Nazareth.  This scene provides a prologue for the entire ministry of Jesus:  anointed by the Spirit, He would preach and heal, but some would reject Him and seek His death.  Luke shows us that Jesus is firmly rooted in the Jewish world.  He goes to His synagogue as He was accustomed to do and He reads the prophetic scroll which describes the work of the prophetic servant  Isaiah, which He will now fulfill.

This will be demonstrated through the words and deeds of Jesus throughout the rest of the Gospel.  The ministry of Jesus would be the fulfillment of the Jubilee year, the time specified in Leviticus 25 when debts would be forgiven and slaves given their freedom.  Jesus’ announcement of a “year acceptable to the Lord” is a time when the spiritual debt of sin would  be forgiven and when those held in bondage of sickness and evil would be freed.

God Bless,

Msgr. Powell

Nothing Compares to Being There

“I have greatly desired to eat this Supper with you.” cf. Luke 22:15

All of us know instinctively that nothing compares to “being there” in person. Whether it’s being at a friend’s wedding, sitting down to have a heart-to-heart conversation, comforting a family member while she is grieving or watching as your baby takes his first steps, we all know that being physically present makes all the difference. The same logic applies to our life as Catholics. Especially when it comes to the Mass, truly, nothing compares to being there.

Those who are sick or compromised due to health conditions are not to come to church. We will continue to live stream Mass on Saturday evening at 530pm. The link will be on our website and will be available all day Sunday. We will follow our regular Mass schedule 530pm vigil and 8am-10am and noon on Sunday. Daily Mass at 9am is in the main church.

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