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OCTOBER 24, 2021

There were many blind people healed by Jesus in His ministry, but we know the name of only one of them: Bartimaeus.  What moves us about the blind man from Jericho is that he is persistent.  He cries his misery aloud.  He cannot be made to be silent.  Anyone who calls for help is still hoping.

Bartimaeus is still hoping.  His healing has rekindled the spark of hope in many people throughout the centuries.  He shows us what can happen if we call on Jesus.

When Bartimaeus hears that the crowd is gathering because of Jesus who has worked many miracles, he has hope that Jesus can Help him.  And so he calls Jesus by name, cries out for Him.  He calls louder and louder, until finally Jesus stops and calls him to His side.

When Jesus and the blind man meet, Jesus asks him:” what do you want me to do for you?”  He responds: “Master, I want to see.”  There is no hesitation.  There is only faith – faith that Jesus can heal him.

It was that faith, Jesus told him, that saved him.  Faith is a gift God gives us, but it is a gift we have to nurture.  Faith is a gift we need to grow in.  If we ask Jesus to help us grow in faith, He will help us.

Everyone of us comes to Jesus in need for healing of some kind.  We need to call on Jesus in faith and he will heal us.  The hope that Jesus can heal me, my sick body and even more my sick soul, is the gift this blind man from Jericho gives us.

Since the day of Jesus’ visit to Jericho when Bartimaeus cried out loud for help, that cry has never been silent.  At each Mass,  his plea is repeated through out the world, throughout the centuries: ”Lord, have mercy on us!”

Always remember to follow the example of Bartimaeus.  When you need Jesus, cry out to Him.  Following the example of Bartimaeus, anyone of us, in whatever kind of trouble, can call out to Jesus.  Be persistent in calling Him.  Allow your faith to be strong.

God Bless

Msgr. Powell


Statement of Archbishop Nelson J. Pérez Regarding Reinstating The Obligation To Attend Sunday Mass

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