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YDisciple Invitation


YDisciple is an exciting new model of youth ministry for our parish teens. This model is engaging. It strengthens families, communities and teen relationships. Most importantly it forms teens to be deeply rooted in the Catholic faith through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so that they will become not only YOUTH DISCIPLES, but disciples for life!

We are in our third year and are ready to expand YDISCIPLE as THE key component of St. Cyril Youth Ministry. My prayer is that you as parents will join with me in this very exciting ministry. As parents our Faith teaches us that we are the first teachers of the Faith to our children. It is first our responsibility. Not a program. Not a school. But us. You and me. This is what we promised when we had our children baptized. YOU our parents are the most important part of this ministry.

We will begin again in September with gender specific groups of boys and girls. Six to eight per group, meeting with two adult leaders. The groups that recently completed there sessions were very successful.  I want to thank Judy Berry, Denise Dougherty and Rob Chioffe for assisting me with the groups. I pray that you will join me in this endeavor. The possibilities are really life changing.

Would you like for your teen to be a part of one of these groups-call me-or explore more information using the links below-this is the best ministry for helping our youth become real disciples and appreciate the impact that a personal relationship with Jesus can have in their life that I have ever been a part of-parishes are adopting this across the country. Click on the links below to understand more about YDISCIPLE.




If you wish to access YDISCIPLE go to and open your account. If you don’t have an account, establish one by typing in our parish code 7JN3K2 and then set up your own user name and passcode. You will then be able to routinely access all information relative to YDISCIPLE. Once logged in to your page go to STUDY, click on it, go to YOUTH/YDISCIPLE, and you will see the information for parents, the training programs as well as the various studies that your teen will be participating in.

 (updated August 11, 2017)