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Catholics Returning Home

An Invitation to Non-practicing Catholics

St. Cyril of Jerusalem Catholic Church welcomes you home.

If you are a Catholic who has been away from the Church for a while, this invitation is for you. Our faith community misses you

and is incomplete without you. No matter how long you have been away, and for whatever reason, we invite you to consider renewing your relationship with the Catholic Church.

Please join us for informal listening sessions and an update of the Catholic faith facilitated by former non-practicing Catholics. The sessions are conducted in a support-group format. Everyone is welcome, no matter where they are from.

Catholics Returning Home Schedule

Catholics Returning Home is a six-week series that begins Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 7:30 pm in the cry room of the church.

Topics discussed are as follows:

            Week 1: Welcome, Overview of Series, Faith Sharing

            Week 2: Sharing Stories of Faith

            Week 3: The Church Today: Changes Since Vatican II

            Week 4: Explanation of the Mass

            Week 5: Explanation of the Sacrament of Penance

            Week 6: Explanation of the Nicene Creed

For details call:
St. Cyril of Jerusalem Parish
1410 Almshouse Road
Jamison, PA
Telephone 215-343-1288

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Saint Cyril of Jerusalem Catholic Church

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